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AVT Kontikab

Leak testing

Experts in Vacuum Leak Testing

For over 30 years Kontikab has been a leading supplier of leak testing equipment all over the world. We design and manufacturer solutions for Leak Detection adapted to your production. We provide solutions for the Automotive Industry, Heat Venting Air Condition and Refrigeration Industry (HVAC&R), Heat Transfer Industry, Power Distribution Industry among others.

You can rely on our long experience and accumulated process and application know-how to design a customized solution according to your specifications.

Leak testing

Kontikab has the knowledge and experience to choose the right method of testing and verifying your product. Being the technology leaders when it comes to solutions for leak detections machines we always strive for the best solution for the customer. When comparing suppliers, we normally come out with the best measurement accuracy.

Vacuum technology

Dealing with detection of leaks and test equipment for products vacuum technology is a natural part of our business. We design and build customized vacuum chambers and through smart design and intelligent control systems we deliver energy efficient solutions and volume production test machines.

Gas Handling

Managing different types of gases is an essential part of our solutions. It could be handling of different trace gases like helium or filling your product to the right pressure with the right mix of gases after test. Controlling gas flows, pressures and concentrations requires a highly developed control system.

Environmental care

Concern for the environment is a top priority in the design, manufacture and operation of our products. Our use of helium gas, for example, does not affect the environment negatively.


Our Equipments live a long time. A correctly serviced machine improves availability, quality and life cycle. Built on indepth knowledge and experience, we provide machine support, calibrations, modifications and uppgrades along with improvements through the Life time of the machine.

Keeping you at the forefront

With Kontikab, you get an engaged, innovative partner that you can rely on over the long-term. We work very closely with our customers during every stage – from the design of the layouts to engineering and manufacturing. Never loosing sight of your unique business requirements and processes.

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