Leak Detection

Use our experience in Leak Detection

The knowledge from different industries and their specific conditions has made Kontikab a specialist in leak detection and also a partner with the know-how to assist and guide your company to achieve and exceed your own goals. By turning to Kontikab you will collaborate with a partner that understands leak detection. 

We understand the leak detection operation in the product development phase, and how it affects the production and the production line. With the right tools, the leak detection operation can play a vital role in your total quality management. 

Identify the right test method for you application

The first step in finding a leak detection solution suitable for your operation is determining what Leak Detection Method to choose. This is conditioned by leak rate specification, product properties, test cycle time and total output.  

Leak detection is a reliable test method ensuring the quality of your product. By testing the product, you ensure that unnecessary emissions are avoided, that your product holds the quality required and your customer is satisfied.

Why leak testing


  • Improve quality
  • Lower emissions
  • Fullfill requirements
  • Improve production
Martin Book

Martin Book


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Daniel   Stålrud (Pettersson)

Daniel Stålrud (Pettersson)

Sales & Project Manager
Leak Detection Systems

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