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Leak testing machines

Leak Test Machines

Kontikab has 35 years experience of developing and building leak testing Equipment for global customers. Our extensive experience and passion for leak detection results in the most accurate measurements, the most efficient performance and sophisticated Control ensuring your production.

The knowledge from different industries and their specific conditions has made Kontikab a specialist in leak detection and also a partner with the know-how to assist and guide your company to achieve and exceed your own goals. By turning to Kontikab you will collaborate with a partner that understands leak testing.

With the right tools, the leak detection operation can play a vital role in your total quality management. It is critical to choose the right leak test method in order to secure your production. Kontikab has a variety of leak test machine solutions and will suggest the suitable method for your needs.

We have developed a Control system over the years and tuning the processes resulting in user friendly handling, product recipes, alarms, data logging, statistics and trend curves all delivered by the RxSCADA platform.

The leak test solutions are built up as a modular platform possible to adapt to suit your production. We design the process for gas management and vacuum ensuring measurement with a high accuracy. Helium or other trace gases are measured with a mass spectrometer. The vacuum pump cabinets are configured with pumps suitable for your test object, capacity and vacuum chamber size. The modular design gives us the possibility to upgrade and increase your capacity in a later stage with additional test Chambers or pump capacity.

Daniel   Stålrud (Pettersson)

Daniel Stålrud (Pettersson)

Sales & Project Manager
Leak Detection Systems

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Martin Book

Martin Book


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 Tommy Arvidsson

Tommy Arvidsson

Sales Automation machines

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