Fuel Tank Leak Detection

Leak testing of fuel tanks is a critical process ensuring correct assembly and welding making sure it is not leaking after installation. Kontikab leak testing machines is available in a variety of designs and options adapted to your capacity, leak rate requirements and production layout. 

We supply everything from single chamber machines with manual handled tanks and manually connected tools to fully automatic solutions with multiple chambers, robot loading, automatic tools, valve opening solutions, etc. We have solutions for testing plastic and stainless-steel fuel tanks. The typical solution includes one to two vacuum chambers, a modular vacuum pump cabinet, some type of slide table for loading the fuel tank into the chamber or automatically loaded by robot. The measurement is done by counting the amount of Helium molecules leaking through the tank over a certain time, at a certain vacuum level, measured with a Helium mass spectrometer.

Kontikab has the know-how and experience to ensure a highly efficient test process. When testing fuel tanks it is important to control the differential pressure and evacuation of both product and vacuum chamber. This ensures a dimensional stability of the products and avoids damages, defects and fault measurements. Kontikab has a control system, RxSCADA, with the functionality, traceability and functions to ensure the best measurement accuracy for your products. The control systems have been developed for over 20 years in a vast variety of applications. 

We look at your requirement such as space, leak rate requirements, capacity, production layout and material flow. The solution can be everything from a single chamber, manually loaded, with manual tools to a fully automatic line with multiple vacuum chambers, robot loading, automatic tooling and valve opening. We design the machine in a highly efficient way ensuring a low energy consumption, the best measurement performance ensuring that you are delivering on your promises.

Fuel Systems Components


  • Fuel tanks
  • Filler caps and necks
  • Fuel injectors
  • Fuel pumps
  • Fuel lines
  • Fuel filters
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Daniel Stålrud (Pettersson)

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Martin Book


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