Heat Pump Leak Detection

When producing heat pumps ensuring a leak free system is key to function. With Kontikab Leak Test Machines you can test a complete assembled heat pump unit ensuring there is no leaks after assembly in your production. Our system verify that the assembled Components, all welded and soldered joints are leak free.

When testing in vacuum chamber with trace gas it is possible to test the complete unit and measure the actual leak values down to 10–8 mbarl/s. Often leak rates at 10–5 mbarl/s are used for heat pumps.

Heat pumps units are also used in more and more house appliances and we have the solutions required for the tasks. When using helium as trace gas we often deliver a Helium recovery system reusing the gas for minimal cost and environmental care. 

Kontikab has various solutions for leak testing heat pumps. Single chamber, dual chamber large chambers with multiple simultaneously tested heat pumps. The design and layout is customized towards your production but based on years of experience from this  type of applications. We deliver leak detection machines to the leading producers of heat pumps in the world.

Daniel   Stålrud (Pettersson)

Daniel Stålrud (Pettersson)

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Leak Detection Systems

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Martin Book


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