Heat Exchanger Leak Detection

In order to secure a high quality, efficiency and functionality a leak free heat exchanger is critical. Kontikab has the technology, know-how and the solutions to deliver the machine for your production.

With the base of our modular machine system we adapt the solution to your need but with the benefit of a proven technology. The leak test machine solution use vacuum chambers and trace gases such as Helium or similar in order to find the smallest leaks in your Products. We Always strive to deliver a highly efficient machine with less energy consumption, maximum performance with the best measurement accuracy for your application.

The machine can be built with multiple Vacuum ChambersHelium recovery systems and material handling Equipment.

Martin Book

Martin Book


Tel: +46 322-64 25 15
Email: martin.book@avt.se

Daniel   Stålrud (Pettersson)

Daniel Stålrud (Pettersson)

Sales & Project Manager
Leak Detection Systems

Tel: +46 322-64 25 38
Email: Daniel.Pettersson@avt.se