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Pressure decay and flowtest

As a proud partner to ForTest we are the only distributor of their products in Scandinavia. These instruments are a perfect leaktest method in products that doesn't requires as high sensitivity as for those products who needs to be tested with helium.

You can use them either stand-alone on your testbench in your lab, or in your production line. Here we can deliver a turn-key solution by custom make your leak detection machine in specific fixtures where we implement the suitable instrument, specially chosen for your product.

The leaktest instruments comes in different variants such as pressure decay or flowtest and can be used in atmospheric surroundings with over pressure, as well as with vacuum decay. With our help we make sure you get the best suited instrument for your specific product. All this at a lower price and a shorter delivery time, compared to many other leak detection equipment.

The test instruments are easy to set up and are user friendly, stable and reliable with a minimum need for scheduled service.


Pressure decay

For years, absolute pressure decay measurement has been the pillarstone of ForTest company. Originally developed for biomedical and nuclear applications, it is now the most widely used method for leaktesting. Simple and reliable. 24 hours a day. Always.

The pressure decay instruments can use air to pressurize your product, or vacuum decay by pumping air from your product. The instrument then detects if the pressure is stable or not. If the pressure changes, then you have a leak. All at a touch of a button. 

You can use this for all kinds of products that, for instance, needs to be equivalent to watertight. 



Mass flow leak testing provides a quick and direct measurement of leakage independent of pressure. This can be very useful when you have a product that is sensitive for pressure.


Visit for further information about their different leakdetection instruments and metrology (calibrated leaks, Micro flow digital calibrator, etc).

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