Casted Component Leak Detection

Casted component requires leak testing to ensure the quality. Multiple fault sources exist and in order to deliver a high-quality testing is necessary. Kontikab deliver leak detection Equipment for various casted components in various materials. Different methods are available depending on the leak requirements. We adapt the equipment to your needs ensuring it fits to your production flow and capacity.

Kontikab is part of AVT experts in assembly and test equipements including robots and bespoke machines. Combining these competences with our expertise in leak detection enables us to deliver the best solution for your production.

Casting defects


  • Gas porosity
  • Shrinkage defects
  • Mold material defects
  • Metallurgical defects
  • Pouring metal defects
Daniel   Stålrud (Pettersson)

Daniel Stålrud (Pettersson)

Sales & Project Manager
Leak Detection Systems

Tel: +46 322-64 25 38
Email: Daniel.Pettersson@avt.se

Martin Book

Martin Book


Tel: +46 322-64 25 15
Email: martin.book@avt.se